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Perfection does not exist

Perfection does not exist. Therefore thinking of perfection is nonsense. Perfection does not exist, so I want to talk about the idea of perfection because, too often, I meet people who want to be perfect, do everything perfectly, and behave … Read More

business goals
Business goals and Self-esteem what’s the connection?

Business goals and self-esteem what’s the connection and why having good self-esteem it’s vitally important for your business. When life challenges you to confront difficult situations, especially if you run a business, or you are struggling for career advancement, analyzing … Read More

love scammers
Beware of love scammers

Beware of love scammers by raising your self-esteem. The love scammers phenomena have dramatically grown in the last years. And that’s the sign of general social discomfort. In this article, I would like to talk mainly to women. As a … Read More

When love becomes a trap.

What to do when love becomes a trap? Is it true that love can become a trap? Basing on my experience yes it’s true. Especially when you come to a point to accept even rude behaviors from your partner. Or … Read More

To coach or not to coach? That’s the problem.

To coach or not to coach, that’s the question that each coach should ask to himself or herself when dealing with a problematic customer. The client may have doubts regarding the effectiveness of coaching. Or the client is not disposed … Read More

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