Perfection does not exist

Perfection does not exist. Therefore thinking of perfection is nonsense.

Perfection does not exist, so I want to talk about the idea of perfection because, too often, I meet people who want to be perfect, do everything perfectly, and behave in a certain way. I do not know where this idea of perfection comes from; it’s probably an invention of someone or the typical attitude of people with low self-esteem. Why do you have to be perfect?

But, most importantly, what does it means the word perfection to you?

I bet that there was a time, you felt of not being able to achieve a specific goal, even though you did know that you could do. You probably felt into the trap of perfectionism. How many times did you feel inadequate because of a lack of self-esteem or because you forced yourself to comply with an idea of perfection?

Perfection does not exist. It is not something you asked for. Perfection is only an idea that nothing has to do with physical shape, beauty, the ability to do something. Perfection does not mean that you must be the best student, worker, husband, wife, son, daughter, friend, or partner.

Let’s see how the wrong idea of perfection may affect your life.

We are all traumatized by life, some of us from egregious wrongdoings, others by unprocessed pain and sidelined emotions. No matter the source, we are all handed a play of cards, and sometimes, they are not a winning hand.

In some plays, life demands too much from us. For example, when we have to overcome difficult situations that affect our happiness, relationships, and professional life. In these cases, we are required to be performant, not to be mistaken. Sometimes we have to smile even when we do not want to. We have to be active even when we are not.

When life challenges us, perfection is useless. When life demands too much from us, we have to do our best to be strong enough and find a solution to our problems. And this has nothing to do with perfection but it’s related to our self-confidence.

Have you ever met someone who is struggling to be the best employee, wife, performer, or whatsoever?

Do you think this person will be happy once he or she has achieved this goal? I’m quite sure that, behind such a struggle to be perfect, there’s a person with low self-confidence. He or she uses perfection as a way of hiding low self-esteem.

And what about you? Did perfection ever fool with you? 

Have you ever consider the idea of perfection to please people around you? Or because you did not have a bit of self-confidence?

Unfortunately, in many countries, where materialism is deeply-rooted, perfection seems to be the leitmotif.

If you are not slim if your nose is not well-shaped if you are not super well dressed. If you do not possess a big car or a beautiful house, you may feel inadequate because of others’ judgment, which is based on their absurd idea of perfection. I would like to ask these people, on which fundamentals their idea of perfection is based on.

Please do not fall into the trap of perfection, as it’s a fake trap.

Naturally, I do not disagree with wealthy people, with people who like to appear in a certain way. There’s nothing wrong with being trendy, have cars and houses everywhere.

We live in a world where, in many places, the ideal woman has a well-shaped body; she is tall, smart, beautiful. Do you think this kind of woman exists? Yes, she lives in your fantasy or in a movie. You are free to embrace any idea you like. Nobody has the right to prevent you from living your dream of beauty, or perfection, the way you want. In my opinion, every living being on this planet is perfect. Look at nature; you’ll never find an utterly straight tree. Is this because nature is not precise? Or it’s simply due to nature’s intelligence that there will never be any straight tree on Earth?

If you were born with specific characteristics, attitudes, and preferences, it means that you were born to follow a journey to manifest these particular traits of your personality. And it’s up to you to develop your passions, dreams, goals, and let go of those who use to criticize you.

Why shouldn’t you be perfect as you are?

You are perfect as you are, no matter what other people think. Learn to love yourself first to be more confident and have more self-esteem. Perfection does not exist; it’s only a word invented by those who did not learn to love themselves and others.

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Be happy, be strong, and be the hero of your life.