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emotional freedom
How to reach your Emotional Freedom

And stop detrimental emotions that block you   How many times did you have trouble to let go of your emotions because of the fear if being abandoned? People who haven’t yet reached their emotional freedom can often experience such … Read More

Five Tips for Finding Your Soulmate

Find your soulmate is that difficult? Last week I told you that find your soulmate is not difficult. It mostly depends on your intentions, your real needs, and will of beginning a positive and not toxic relationship. We too often … Read More

professional coach
Find a Professional Coach and Live a Happy Life

Is the help of a professional coach useful to live a happier and healthier life? When life challenges you to confront difficult situations like arguments with your partner, workmates, friends, sons, or daughters, sometimes it’s hard to find a solution. … Read More

Find your soulmate, is that difficult?

Many people think that find a soulmate is difficult or impossible. Sometimes it happens you feel sad and frustrated because you believe that it’s hard to find a man or a woman who loves you. Maybe you have changed the … Read More


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This website uses technical cookies and, upon your authorization, third parties profiling cookies as well. If you agree, check “I agree”. For further information, check Privacy and Cookie Policy. After reading Privacy Policy, I accept the usage of my personal … Read More

Elena’s story of self-esteem

THE ORIGIN About fifteen years ago, my self-esteem was almost non-existent. Ever since I was a teenager, I had problems with my backbone; I was in pain until bedtime every day. I did not understand that my back pain was … Read More

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