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Thank you for being here. It’s a pleasure to welcome you on Lifenowacademy. Lack of self-esteem is only a state of mind you have created because you are used to seeing you and your environment in a certain way. Like … Read More


  When you say “I’m tired of it” it’s time to make a change and do something efficient to get rid of your limiting beliefs, emotions, and behaviors. Most of the time it’s too hard to do it by yourself … Read More


The Hidden Secret of Self-esteem Are you struggling with problems that heavily limit your everyday life? Sometimes, it’s quite hard to understand that the lack of self-esteem makes you a slave to your emotions. Limiting emotions such as anger, sadness, … Read More

Who am I

  People call me the “Queen of Self-esteem,” but it has not always been like that…… Hi, my name is Elena. I am a well-being professional and a coach, my passion is helping people to achieve extraordinary goals, improve their … Read More


  I help you to transform your Life into something extraordinary

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