Let your female energy to expand and live wonderful relationships

Let your female energy to expand and live wonderful relationships without competing with your partner.

Have you ever lived a troubled relationship because at some point you got into competition with your partner?

Have you ever thought that these troubles were also caused by inequality between male and female energy?

Today I would like you to offer a different perspective of relationships by talking about male and female energy. And why it is important you, even you men, let your female energy to expand to live wonderful relationships. I assume that today, in many countries, we still live in a patriarchal and male culture. Many people, especially men, are not ready to accept the power of women, so the female energy. The fact is that many women are no more willing to move to the background. They want to be heard, considered and appreciated for their abilities. Women have to expand their female energy and live wonderful relationships as they have always deserved so, and men the same. On the other hand, over the centuries men have always been the rulers. They have been used to cover essential roles, take everything under control, and consider women like inferior beings.

Hey, men, I have bad news for you. Middle Age is over, so now the female energy is at last expanding and taking the place it deserves. Sorry for you.

Assuming that we live in the 21st century, even though it does not seem like that in some part of the world, let’s consider the inequality between male and female energy. And how it will affect relationships. Female energy is the source of beauty, health, youth, vitality, pleasure. It’s primarily made of love, sharing, and respect. When you lose contact with your female energy, you feel lonely, sad; you lose the connection with pleasure and enjoyment.

There are different ways to stop your female energy to expand. One of the most common is dealing with an authoritarian and dominant man, who disrespect you. The one who considers you and women in general as toys, and does not recognize your value. Such kind of man isn’t able to identify your female energy, and most of the time he is afraid of what might happen if he let go of his control on you. Most likely, he’ll never understand that gender equality is a question of compensation and not competition.

Ok, ladies and gentlemen. Men and women are different, biologically, physically, and emotionally. No matter what.

So what’s wrong recognizing these differences as strong points, instead of weaknesses?

And why don’t you let your female energy to show instead of competing with your partner? Tell me, is it so fun playing the game of a competition? Until you keep on focusing on the concept of “better” and “worse”, I bet you’ll never live happy relationships.

Let your female energy to expand does not mean you are weak, nor you are less than your partner. Let your female energy to show means that you allow your kindness to prevail. That you accept your partner as he or she is, that you do your best to set your envy, competition, intolerance, and all negative emotions aside.

Let your female energy to expand and live wonderful relationships, can be the title of a book to teach people that male and female energy should complete both partners and harmonize one another.

If your partner disrespects you, if he or she does not give you enough love and judges you all the time, do not worry. I’m sure there is another man or woman out there waiting for you. You only have to let your female energy expand through your kindness, vitality, and sharing. It’s never too late letting go people who do not deserve your love.

How to let your female energy to expand and deeply connect with your inner self?

Here are some tips.

  1. Let your female energy to expand and live wonderful relationships tip no.1. Carve out some free time for yourself during the week. As most of the female energy is located in your breast, belly, and hips, let these part moving following pleasant music is one of the best ways to release it.
  2. Let your female energy to expand and live wonderful relationships tip no.2. Learn to breathe an concentrate on the present moment. Yes I know that you breathe otherwise you wouldn’t be alive. I mean you to learn to breathe correctly using your diaphragm muscle (when you inhale the bottom part of your belly moves up, while it moves down when you exhale). Take at least ten minutes a day to breathe this way while you are relaxed in a comfortable position or lied-down.
  3. Let your female energy to expand and live wonderful relationships tip no.3. Create or join a mastermind group in which you can share your emotions and have useful feedback. It could be a group of friends confronting the same issues as you, a peer group of women, or men, or people you feel comfortable with. Your experiences and the ones of your fellows’ group can help all of you to feel better.
  4. Let your female energy to expand and live wonderful relationships tip no.4. Communicate with your partner. Do not be afraid to let he or she know all the time, your feelings, and requirements. If you need more consideration, help or whatever you have to say it clearly. Without communication, you cannot have a relationship.
  5. Let your female energy to expand and live wonderful relationships tip no.5. Do not use your relationship as a battlefield where to take out on all of your frustrations. If you have some problem talk about it with your partner and, if possible, find out a solution together. Do you think a vengeful attitude is useful to your relationship?

Let your female energy help you to enjoy the moment. Always follow your heart and do what you want, respecting others, and yourself. Look you partner into his or her eyes and remind the passion that made you fall in love and decide to spend together a part of your journey.

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Be happy, be strong, and be the hero of your life.