Five Tips for Finding Your Soulmate

Find your soulmate is that difficult?

Last week I told you that find your soulmate is not difficult. It mostly depends on your intentions, your real needs, and will of beginning a positive and not toxic relationship. We too often forget that we always attract into your life similar energy to ours. Then, if you focus on finding a soulmate because you cannot confront your feelings of solitude, I’ll bet you all the money I have that 99% of times you will meet the wrong person. You may wonder why this, why is life so tricky?

When you are finding your soulmate, the question is not the tricky life.

When you are looking for your soulmate, you have to be extremely careful of your feelings and emotions; they are vitally important for your happiness.

If you feel lonely if you think life is so hard that you do not deserve anyone close to you if your self-esteem is weak, then you are not in the best conditions for finding your soulmate. I want to repeat you that there are about 8 billion people on this Planet, so why thinking that you will never find your soulmate?

Loneliness is a state of mind, and guess what? You can change it any time you want.

Here are some tips for you to be positive and in the right mood when you decide to take your chances of finding your soulmate.

Tip no.1 for finding your soulmate.

Agree with your past. It is is the most important step to move forward when finding your soulmate. Past experiences, especially if they caused you suffering, can affect your ability to be trusting. Despite being not trusting is a normal reaction to past experiences, when you are in such a state of mind while finding your soulmate, stop it. Take a break and work on your trust. I recommend you to do it because, without an ounce of trust,  you risk meeting your real soulmate and can’t see the positive that is inside him or her, because of your past suffering goes on chasing you.

Tip no.2 for finding your soulmate.

Make a clear statement of what do you want from your soulmate. If you like, write it down on a piece of paper or your PC. Answer these questions: how does your soulmate look like? How is your soulmate personality? What kind of hobbies or interests would you like to share with your soulmate? Go on listing all the characteristics that come into your mind.

Tip no.3 for finding your soulmate.

Agree with yourself before finding your soulmate. If you can not accept yourself completely, if your self-esteem is weak, if you think you do not deserve to be happy when you are close to a man or a woman, then finding your soulmate will be worthless. The only way to be happy in life, not only when finding a soulmate, is making peace with yourself, your inner-self and be convinced that you deserve all the best life can give to you.

Tip no.4 for finding your soulmate.

Take care of your emotions. Emotions are vitally important for your well-being, either physical and psychological. It’s not by chance that mind and body are tightly connected more than you can think. Even though you still haven’t found your soulmate, commit yourself to be positive all the time. The Universe, God, Buddha, or other Gods or Goddes always listen to you, even your subconscious mind conversations. So be confident, and do all you can to avoid detrimental emotions.

Tip no.5 for finding your soulmate.

Take care of your look as well. Make a radical change of your look, your house, and your behavior (of course in a positive manner). Change your hair set, color, change your dresses, your Tshirts, your shoes, anything you like to feel different and more comfortable than in the past. You may not believe it, but an external change helps the internal switch and vice versa.

Did you find these tips useful? Tell me your opinion and feel free of getting in touch with me at

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Be happy, be strong, and be the hero of your life.