How to reach your Emotional Freedom

And stop detrimental emotions that block you


How many times did you have trouble to let go of your emotions because of the fear if being abandoned?

People who haven’t yet reached their emotional freedom can often experience such fear.

So when it happens and you are scared of being abandoned, by your partner, your friends or your family, do not worry. You only need to understand better your inner self, but most importantly, do not think you would never reach your emotional freedom.

One of the most significant obstacles between you and your emotional freedom is the fear of being abandoned.

This is a common fear of people who struggle for their emotional freedom, especially when living a love relationship. In fact, most of the time they delegate the entire responsibility of their happiness to their partner.

People who haven’t reach emotional freedom,  feel comfortable only if someone else worries about them because they expect their happiness comes from other people. And that’s one of the most detrimental error people who haven’t still succeeded in reaching their emotional freedom commit.

Indeed, emotional management isn’t easy at all; it is one of the hardest challenges to overcome in life.

Sometimes an entire life is not enough to learn how to be free from detrimental emotions, reach emotional freedom, and not to be fooled by absurd fears, in this case, that of abandonment.

As I wrote in my previous article, about the Soulmate (you can read it here  we are about eight billions people on this planet, so why thinking that your destiny is loneliness?

Before falling into the trap of emotional discomfort, let’s see some tips to reach your emotional freedom with no stress. Here are the secrets I have discovered about emotional freedom.

Emotional freedom secret no.1. Learn to be happy on your own. Even in case, you haven’t a partner if you only have few friends or no family, no matter what. Happiness is a state of mind, and of course, it depends on emotions. And that’s one of the most crucial facts to take into consideration if you want to be emotionally free.

Emotional freedom secret no.2. Emotional freedom does not mean that you have to become nasty with people you do not particularly like. Or tell your Boss to go straight to hell. Emotional freedom means you will find a sort of balance inside you so that you will be able to manifest your feelings kindly and effectively.

Emotional freedom secret no.3. Never let people disrespect you. One of the advantages of emotional freedom is to tell other people your opinion without any fear. Especially without the fear of being judged. Be as respectful as much as you can. If someone does not treat you properly, do not let anger or discomfort be in control of you. Let your emotions come out, take a deep breath, and tell this person what you think. Anger and sadness are always useless, even if sometimes, it is hard to let go of these feelings.

In any case, keep in mind this sort of emotional formula:

Positive emotions = emotional freedom = less fear = more self-esteem = goal achievement = more self-confidence.

As you can see you can get many advantages from this formula if you commit to reaching your emotional freedom.

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Be happy, be strong, and be the hero of your life.