Beware of love scammers

Beware of love scammers by raising your self-esteem.

The love scammers phenomena have dramatically grown in the last years. And that’s the sign of general social discomfort. In this article, I would like to talk mainly to women. As a woman, I have met some love scammers, basically on Instagram. And I’m part of a Facebook group to help women to stay away from these traps.

Have you ever been in touch with someone telling you to be a doctor or part of the U.S. Army who was working in a Camp somewhere in Syria or other Countries? Did he tell you he was divorced? Or did he ost his wife because of an illness or an accident, and he had a teenage son or daughter to look after?

Have ever been contacted by beautiful women searching for pure love? Did they tell you to have children and were searching for true love?

These are the profiles of love scammers.

Women, it’s time to wake-up and stops believing these love scammers.

I can understand your need to be loved and respected, your desire to find your soul mate. But it’s precisely on these needs that love scammers base their strategy for cheating you. It’s hard not to believe to the tons of messages they send you, telling that you are a nice woman to whom they would like to have a serious relationship and even a family. It’s hard not to fall into their love scam, not to believe you are talking with that handsome man of the profile picture who is in touch with you.

Sorry, I have bad news for you ladies. Such a man does not exist, at least in this contest. The picture you see in his profile has been stolen from another individual.

The love scammers’ trap is quite simple. They use a lovely language, they compliment you for anything and say they need a woman to trust and have a serious relationship with.

You will get a higher score if you show interest in the love scammers’ children too. At this point, when the love scammers understand that you trust them, it’s time to make the trap working. It might be after a few weeks from your first contact. The trap begins when they ask you some money. The reasons for these requests are different.

If you like to keep out from love scammers, you have to take into consideration his or her modus operandi. Here is a recap for you.

  • Love scammers use social media, especially Instagram or Facebook. They also use meeting platforms.
  • Love scammers use false pictures they steal from other users. In general, they post cute pictures of men with the U.S. Army uniform, or doctors with a white coat, or other images of good looking men, or women.
  • Love scammers are usually widowed. They tell you that they lost their partners because of an accident or a severe illness. Most of the time, they have a child or a teenage son or daughter to look after.
  • Love scammers tell you they search for the love of their life, someone reliable because they want a new family.
  • Love scammers are very kind; they keep on sending you messages full of sweet words; they compliment you every time because they want you to trust them.
  • Love scammers usually play this game for a few weeks. When they feel that you trust them, they begin asking you money. They can say that they have to undergo costly surgery.
  • Love scammers are perfect liars. They can tell you that someone has stolen their wallet and documents, so they need the money to have a new passport. Or they can say that their relatives or their children have a severe illness, so they need your money to cover the hospital expenses. Love scammers even ask you to pay for their flight if you like to meet them.
  • Love scammers possess a big database full of false pictures they have downloaded from the internet, so they can say to be anybody.
  • Usually love scammers are from Africa, in particular from Nigeria and Ivory Coast. Most of them are boys who spend all day long in an internet bar trying to cheat men and women.
  • Single people are their preferred target. Playing with loneliness and the need for love, they breach your intimacy and fool with you by saying that you are the most beautiful women or handsome man they have ever met.

Once you send them money, they have reached their goals. Then, love scammers will ask you for more money for sure. Never, I repat you, never send even a dollar to people you do not know personally, especially to love scammers.

Love scammers will die from laughing when they receive your money. At this point, they will keep on fooling you, for example saying that they haven’t received your payment or that they need more money.

How not to be fooled by a love scammer?

First, ask him or her to have a video chat with you, so you can if the person in front of you is the same as the profile picture. Upon this request, I bet the love scammer will refuse the video chat. Guess why?

Second never send money to people you do not know personally. If you have money in excess, do me a favor, send it to a charity organization or to anybody you are sure to help. 

Unfortunately, many men and women have fallen into these traps.

Love scammers continue to receiving money from individuals who have self-esteem issues and are afraid of loneliness.

In my opinion, this is sad, and I would like to do anything to solve the love scammers problem. To those who are struggling with love scammers now, I can only say to stop and ask yourself is it worth losing your time and money with such a person?

It is always up to you how to manage your life and allow someone to violate your intimacy and get you down on your knees. Never lose faith in yourself and in finding a man or a woman who loves you and make you happy.

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Be happy, be strong, and be the hero of your life.