Raise your self-esteem. Do not minimize yourself.

Raise your self-esteem, and do not minimize yourself, like an icon on the pc.

A few weeks ago, I was talking to one of my friends. He recently split with his girlfriend. But he still believes that soon, his girlfriend will come back to him so he will be happy again. He has such e strong hope about this possibility that he fails to realize it would rarely happen. Many of his friends and I try to explain to him that in case his girlfriend comes back, he better does not trust her (because she is an unstable woman). The day I was talking to him, I had a strange feeling. It seemed like he didn’t listen to any of my words. I think he does the same with his friends too.

While talking to him, at a certain point, I said:” Why am I talking to you about Mary (his ex-girlfriend), now your attention and self-esteem are minimized to the icon. Like when you pause a program from running on your PC.”

I think my friend’s life is minimized to the icon since his girlfriend left him. His hope to be back with her again made him so sad, decreased his self-esteem, and freeze him in a kind of “limbo.”

Have you ever minimized yourself in life, waiting for someone to come back even when he or she hurt you?

No matter the sources that traumatized you, you are all involved in the play of life, and sometimes, it is not a winning hand. Sometimes people behave unexpectedly. Having good self-esteem in those moments can save your life preventing you from being desperate, upset and feeling hopeless.

We all have experienced low self-esteem, at least once in life even more.

When you have just a bit or no self-esteem because life plays unfairly with you, you might feel worthless. You might lose hope that one day you will get the love and respect you deserve.

Low self-esteem is like being trapped in a cage. You struggle to find a way out, because most of the time, you do not have the ability, or you do not know the strategies to work on your emotions and beliefs and think of a positive future.

In such a situation many people are like programs minimized to the icon. They are waiting for someone else save them from sadness or give them the magic wand to solve all of their issues.  

Some people believe that what happened to themselves is not their fault. In my experience (and based on some facts that even quantum physicists, like Albert Einstein, have proved from decades). Every situation you live, every person you meet, it’s a consequence of your thoughts and energy. You have attracted them into your life, even though you are not aware of this. Often, it happens at an unconscious level.

One of the most effective ways to escape from low self-esteem and self-compassion is taking action. When you have to confront difficult situations, even when you feel tired and weak, please do your best not to stay motionless all the time, like a program minimized to the icon. If someone disrespects you, take action as soon as possible. Healing yourself is your responsibility. If you expect your happiness only depends on other people, you will be quickly deceived for sure. Remember, every great person had to learn painful lessons and how to raise self-esteem, no matter what life could offer.

Then, if you keep on waiting for someone makes you happy, you minimize your presence to the icon. This way, you give other people the whole responsibility of your satisfaction.

You have powerful software inside you; its name is awareness. Through awareness, you eventually realize you are such a great person with a bunch of abilities that you deserve love and respect. Imagine yourself as a program that couldn’t run because it has a bug inside. This bug represents your limiting beliefs. But, unlike a computer, you have the power of changing the data and rewrite a new positive program using your awareness and self-esteem.

Raise your self-esteem, and do not minimize yourself.

Find a coach, a counselor or anybody else who can help you be aware of your high power. Now it’s up to you to transform yourself into the person you like to be.

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Be happy, be strong, and be the hero of your life.