The Hidden Secret of Self-esteem

Are you struggling with problems that heavily limit your everyday life?

Sometimes, it’s quite hard to understand that the lack of self-esteem makes you a slave to your emotions. Limiting emotions such as anger, sadness, frustration, sense of guilt, fear, are fed by your low self-esteem and are powerful because they can negatively influence your existence. If you keep feeding them inside of you, it is like triggering a time bomb, which will explode when you didn’t expect. All this prevent you from living a good life, causing several relational problems, and possibly turning things on a physical level since science has demonstrated body and mind are tightly connected, and emotions often are somatized on a physical level.

I am saying this because I have been through it. For many years, I had to come to terms with my low self-esteem.  All of this prevented me from living a good life, causing several relational problems, turning things on a physical level, especially on my back causing pain.

You have probably experienced the same issues as me, or you are still living troubled relationships, or you often feel sad, angry, frustrated.

Without an ounce of self-esteem, you cannot solve any problem, and you’ll go on:

  • Be trapped in negative emotions.
  • Have a troubled relationship with your partner, at work, with your family members and friends.
  • Be unable to express your full potential.
  • Feel insecure when dealing with people.
  • Unable to reach any goal.
  • Give in any commitment.
  • Loose interest in your life and well-being.

Are you tired to deal with emotions preventing you from being happy, and being unable to express yourself at best, including building great relationships?

Would you like to raise your personal and professional life to a good level and much more?


Only when I came to terms with my suffering, I eventually realized that I was making my negative emotions, mostly on an unconscious level. My transformation began a few years ago when I decided to ask for the help of a life-coach to avoid sinking into the abyss of suffering.

Using coaching and awareness techniques, I was able to transform my life, improved my relationships with the people around me. I knew that the only way I could live a beautiful life was to find the right way to express myself and give all the positive energy that was inside of me to others.

Increasing my self-esteem and following my heart, I finally smiled at life and gave myself the value I deserved, and you can do the same.

Today I have high self-esteem and excellent health; it took months and a few years of study to accomplish these goals. I attended seminars for personal growth and training courses as well. However, I felt there was always something missing. I did not understand why these courses were mostly theoretical and not practical.

Notably, none of the book and course you find out there contains instruction and practical exercises on how to reach a good level of Self-esteem.

If I had had a practical text to increase my self-esteem when I was suffering, I would have paid it for gold. That’s the main reason why I wrote a book called:

Be the Hero of Your Life – An Instruction Manual for Self Esteem”

“Be the Hero of Your Life” it is a simple text anyone can read, featuring exercises to get to know yourself better, use all your potentials at best and increase your self-esteem. In my book, I talk about some of the laws of in the Universe. I also explain to you how the human mind works to avoid its traps and increase its potentials. I also reveal the most dangerous killers of your happiness; those that prevent you from increasing your self-esteem.

However, “Be the Hero of Your Life” book is much more. In the book, you’ll find:

  • How I went from rags to riches.
  • The principles of the Law of Vibration, and why this Law is important for your self-esteem.
  • The secret of the unconscious mind, how to avoid all the traps of the mind that prevent you from having good self-esteem.
  • Forgive all the people that have hurt you, to start your personal journey with a new positive energy.
  • The secrets to achieving all your goals and how to schedule your time effectively.
  • How to make introspective cleansing and increase your self-esteem.
  • A series of simple and practical exercises that will give you the value you deserve.
  • How to manage your personal evolution effectively.

To set free your unbelievable skills, you do not need to have Superman’s super-sight or be able to talk to bats as Batman does. You alone can become the real Hero of your life, with a high level of self-esteem allowing you to build the life you want and feel appreciated and loved by others.

What are you waiting for?

Why don’t you start now your way to be the Hero of your Life increasing your Self-esteem?

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As I have always said, be happy, be strong and be the Hero of your life.