How to avoid your relationship from falling apart with self-esteem

How to avoid your relationship from falling apart with self-esteem

How to avoid your relationship from falling apart by raising your self-esteem.

Sometimes people do not bother to consider self-esteem like one of the best solutions to improve relationships. Some people are not aware of their self-power, do not think they are enough self-confident because they are not used to think this way. Or they have not any knowledge of how to improve self-esteem to live a happier life.

Have you ever thought that self-esteem is one of the best resources to demand respect from others, especially from your partner?

And when in a relationship people are respectful, they have many more chances to be happy and live together for a long time.  I think respect is essential to living happy and satisfactory relationships.  And that’s the fundamental ingredient to avoid your relationship from falling apart.

But, how self-esteem can help you be respected?

And how self-esteem avoid your relationship from falling apart?

It must be clear that self-esteem does not mean being selfish. It is the opposite. When you have good self-esteem, you believe in yourself, in your abilities, you accept yourself completely, even your dark side (the part of your personality that you like the least). Self-esteem is the power that allows you to be a gentle and strong person, and be skilled in avoiding hard situations that could make you suffer.

You have good self-esteem when you do your best to take care of yourself, respect your needs, and be happy with yourself and with the persons you love.

Furthermore, Self-esteem is the force that prevents you from falling into the trap of emotional addiction.

Yes, it is as when your self-esteem is good enough; you do not need the approval or the acceptance of other people to be happy, including your partner. Your self-esteem allows you to feel good and do any actions to achieve your goals and follow your passions.

When you commit to taking care of yourself, carving out your time to satisfy your needs, it means you are on the right way to raise self-esteem. When you are more self-confident and aware of your power, you become strong enough to demand more love, respect, and support from your partner.

So you avoid your relationship from falling apart with self-esteem.

On the other hand, it will also take you to a different level of consciousness.  When you raise your self-esteem, you probably change the vision of yourself and of your partner. You may see your partner differently, and perhaps you realize that he or she is no more the person you want to share your life with.

Tricks of self-esteem? Yes, they are, but from my point of view, having good self-esteem it’s always an advantage. Even when you change your mind, your goals, points of view, and passions. Life is ever-changing; that’s a fact. Taking the good habits of satisfying your needs, being more self-confident, and respect your persona puts you in the position of demanding more respect, love, and support from your partner.

We all deserve to live happy bonds. It is always up to you whether to accept disrespectful partner so unsatisfactory relationships. You are not under the threat of a villain who forces you to accept what you do not like. That’s why good self-esteem allows you to react appropriately to any possible judgment or criticism from your partner and others, and eventually decide if it is worth to keep on living with a person who does not give you the love and respect you need.

Never forget that, when you change your inner world, your emotions, thoughts, your external world inevitably turns accordingly. That’s the reason why,  when you raise your self-esteem, you could see people differently, and eventually take the decision not to meet some friends or to split after a long time relationship.

Does self-esteem avoid your relationship from falling apart? Yes and no.

Self-Esteem will help you to become a better person, communicate better with others, be more respectful to your needs and have a clear mind of what you want from your relationship. Furthermore, self-esteem helps you to let go of judgment and negative behaviors.

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Be happy, be strong, and be the hero of your life.